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Why change views when you change from editor to debugger and back like older tool chains force you to do? In Paradigm C++ Professional, the editor and the debugger are the same view. A click lets you edit code, another click lets you rebuild your application and you have never left the position of your code to make the change and confirmed the correction. This is the most time-efficient method of debugging.

You can start a debugging session by double-clicking the .AXE node in the Project window. Once in a debugging session, the Edit window local menu (right-click in window) and Speedbuttons under the Menu bar display debugging commands. The Load command under the Debug menu will load a .AXE file on the target and start a debugging session if you don't have a project file.

You can build your application in real or protected mode. Choosing a Target platform is as easy as right-clicking the .AXE node in the Project window, selecting TargetExpert and choosing a target type. You can even run a protected mode application without a remote target system and test your code right on the PC. This can be done by choosing Win32 emulation as your Target Model in TargetExpert. Memory models can also be changed in this dialog.


Paradigm C++ Professional even has the smarts to inspect an object by simply passing the mouse cursor over it in the Edit Window. Since it also knows the debug symbols in the current scope, you always have access to the most frequently used debug information without any additional effort.

Editor View

During debugging, the editor view includes local menus containing debugging options such as Inspect or Watch. Source lines with debugging information are marked with red dots and the current execution point and enabled/disabled breakpoints are all marked.

View Editor View local menu

CPU View

You can open a CPU view to see the actual code created by the compiler or assembler or see register contents. This window handles viewing of memory, registers, processor flags, and stack and includes options to help you checkout low-level code. You can bring up the CPU view at the current CS:IP by using the View menu command. Or to bring up the CPU view corresponding to any source line, use theView CPU command from the Edit view local menu.

View CPU

Breakpoint View

Paradigm C++ Professional supports a wide number of actions for Source, Address and Hardware breakpoints including:

  • Break
  • Starting logging
  • Stop logging
  • Log or evaluate and expression
  • Log a message
  • Enable or disable the breakpoints in a group

View Breakpoint options

Hardware-Assisted Debugging

Besides supporting remote debugging with the Paradigm PDREMOTE/ROM debugging kernel, Paradigm C++ Professional works with several JTAG interfaces, popular in-circuit emulators and EPROM emulator debugging solutions.

Adding hardware-assisted debugging to your tool arsenal is a smart idea since the power of emulation memory, multi-level hardware breakpoints, real-time trace and more are available to help track down and fix the nastiest bugs. You can quickly capture a failure and go back in the trace buffer to see the cause of the error.

View Trace Buffer

RTOS awareness

Paradigm C++ Professional offers support for third party real-time operating systems. You can view RTOS data structures and other important information during real mode debugging using this interface. Contact your RTOS provider for this support.

Debugging Features:
C++ Debugging
Inspectors (with full history)
CPU View with Line Assembler
Execution Breakpoints
Complex Breakpoint with Conditions
Expression Evaluation
Call Stack
Hardware-Assisted Debugging
Real-Time Trace
Powerful Browser Technology to help navigate your code
Third party RTOS awareness
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