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Paradigm C++ Professional (6.0) Service Pack 4


Among the software changes that have been made to this recent version is the requirement of a hardware key to manage software licenses. This solution allows Paradigm C++ Professional to be executed on any computer with a hardware key plugged into a USB port. The installation itself will require this hardware key to prevent the mistake of installing this latest version without obtaining the hardware key first. This change should allow for more flexible use of the product and also provides a new option of multi-seat licensing for those who are looking for the capability of "floating licenses" over a network.

View a typical USB hardware key

If your license did not come with a hardware license key (dongle), please contact Paradigm at Users who have active maintenance agreements will receive this single license hardware key at no additional cost.

The software can still be downloaded for later use with the hardware key from the following link:

Download Paradigm C++ Professional Service Pack 4 [67 MB] - Created February 23, 2004

Contact our technical support department if you have any technical questions.