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Paradigm C++ Professional (6.0) SP4 hotfixes


There have been changes incorporated into Paradigm C++ Professional (6.0) since the Service Pack 4 release that include bug fixes and new features. The SP4 hotfixes file can be downloaded and applied to the Paradigm C++ Professional SP4 release as often as desired to keep your version current.

Users who have installed from the Paradigm C++ Professional (6.0) Build 37 CD or Service Pack 4 will need this hotfix to address the following issues:

  • Fixed bug that could prevent older PDREMOTE/ROM monitors from working
  • Fixed debug session bug that prevented setting of breakpoints when using PromJET
  • Fixed bug that caused .pdl file to lose target connection settings when loaded.
  • Fixed locate CPUINIT bug when more than 1KB of initializations are specified.
  • Fixed problem with h2ash utility and use of #undef.
  • Fixed real mode compiler segment overflow error.

Download the following link and run the update to apply the hotfix:

Download Paradigm C++ Professional (6.0) SP4 hotfixes [2.8 MB] - Last updated September 9th, 2004

If you have an earlier version of Paradigm C++ Professional (6.00.036 or earlier), you will need to download Service Pack 4.

Contact our technical support department if you have any technical questions.