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Paradigm C++ Professional (6.0) SP5 hotfixes


There have been changes incorporated into Paradigm C++ Professional (6.0) since the Service Pack 5 release that include bug fixes and new features. The SP5 hotfixes file can be downloaded and applied to the Paradigm C++ Professional SP5 release as often as desired to keep your version current.

Users who have installed from the Paradigm C++ Professional (6.0) Build 38 CD or Service Pack 5 will need this hotfix to address the following issues:

  • Various JTAG interface fixes
  • Run-time library exception handling fixes
  • Locator configuration file parsing fix
  • 32-bit compiler bitfield fix
  • Real mode linker fixes, including improved segment alignment
  • Updated linker to add unique 24-bit .axe file signature
  • Added linker warning, "Application has no stack segment". To avoid warning, custom startup code would need to have a declaration similar to:

    _STACK segment para stack 'STACK'

    dw ?

    _STACK ends

  • Updated startup code regarding initializer structure
  • Compiler change to better support huge arrays for real and extended mode applications
  • USB PromJET support added
  • Fix to avoid cancelation of existing debugging session in multi-target projects
  • Fix for crash that occurs after several debug session creation/terminations
  • Fixes for .pdl file support
  • Debugger evaluator fix for large source files
  • Real/extended mode compiler "out of memory" fix for large amounts of data in a single module
  • Real/extended mode compiler optimization fix
  • Real/extended mode locator fix for LISTFILE REGIONS directive
  • *Protected mode locator fix for builds via command line

* Most recent addition(s) to hotfix

Download the following link and run the update to apply the hotfix:

Download Paradigm C++ Professional (6.0) SP5 hotfix 5 [7.6 MB] - Last updated April 17th, 2006

If you have an earlier version of Paradigm C++ Professional (6.00.037 or earlier), you will need to download Service Pack 5 first.

Contact our technical support department if you have any technical questions.