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Paradigm C++ Professional (6.0) SP6 hotfixes


There have been changes incorporated into Paradigm C++ Professional (6.0) since the Service Pack 6 release that include bug fixes and new features. The SP6 hotfixes file can be downloaded and applied to the Paradigm C++ Professional SP6 release as often as desired to keep your version current.

Users who have installed from the Paradigm C++ Professional (6.0) Build 45 CD or Service Pack 6 will need this hotfix to address the following issues:

  • Real/extended mode linker fix for "Internal linker error".
  • Real/extended mode linker change to stack segment warning option.
  • Integrated debugger fix for CEIBO and consecutive hardware breakpoints.
  • Real/extended mode compiler change to allow huge arrays of any size
  • Real/extended mode RTL bug in the result returned by strupr() has been fixed. This bug was limited to compact/large/huge memory models.
  • A possible invalid stack condition in the real/extended mode RTL free() function for an NMI interrupt has been redesigned and now no longer disables maskable interrupts. The previous implementation was at risk for an NMI and disabled interrupts for six instructions.
  • Fix to prevent Project | Make all from attempting to rebuild long filename assembly sources unless there is an actual change.
  • Real/extended mode compiler updated with fix for compile time "out of memory" error.
  • Real/extended mode compiler updated with fix for error that occured when more than 64k of data was placed in a segment.
  • Real/extended mode compiler updated with fix for problem that limited the ability of a module to contain more than 32KB of string literals.
  • Pdl project file fix for dash character in compiler include path and fix to support user added translator tools.
  • Debugger fix for potential IDE hang when debug information source paths contained forward slash characters.
  • Fixed bug which caused an infrequent crash when an edit buffer was modified.
  • PromJET test utililty, pjettst.exe, fixes.
  • Hardware license support updated
  • FS2 communication dialog updated with entry for reset duration
  • Protected mode PDREMOTE/ROM communication dialog fix for comm test
  • Real/extended mode PDREMOTE/ROM debugger fix to prevent multiple .emu file loads
  • Real/extended mode debugger inspector/watch window fix for 'Display as' decimal or hexidecimal
  • Real/extended mode debugger symbol table code limitation on the local symbols per module has been removed
  • Real/extended mode compiler fix for problem where the compiler output from the IDE and the command line compilers differed when the options -Om (code motion) and -Op (copy propagation) were used.
  • Real/extended mode compiler support for a new pragma, #pragma new_codesegment( n ), which will create a new code segment once 'n' bytes have been written to the current code segment. You can use #pragma new_codesegment() to restore the default value (which is 64KB).
  • Real/extended mode compiler fix for bug which caused huge pointers to be incorrectly handled.
  • Real/extended mode compiler fix for problem in the no exception libraries (NOEHx.LIB) with a symbol that was incorrectly defined and could cause the exception library code to be linked in even if no excpetions was enabled.
  • FS2 JTAG VSA-186 interface support for new System Navigator JTAG hardware units (USB and Ethernet communication options available).
  • Network license and multi key license support updated
  • Protected mode fix for incorrect RLINK32 error when building Win32 applications
  • *Real/extended mode update to startup code include file sources
  • *Real/extended mode compiler fix made to output .asm source when using #pragma inline
  • *SCCS support updated to work with newer versions of Microsoft Visual Sourcesafe

* Most recent addition(s) to hotfix

Download the following link and run the update to apply the hotfix:

Download Paradigm C++ Professional (6.0) SP6 hotfix 9 [8 MB] - Last updated January 25th, 2008

If you have an earlier version of Paradigm C++ Professional (6.00.044 or earlier), you will need to download Service Pack 6 first.

Contact our technical support department if you have any technical questions.